HOw do you make decisions?

Are you feeling stuck in your choices?

Sometimes play can help you get unstuck and reveal new ideas.

Allow me to introduce the Momentum Maker, a new spin on a nostalgic tool. Some people call them fortune tellers, others know them as cootie catchers. 

This nifty tool is designed to create dialogue, either with your team or with yourself when you find yourself procrastinating.

Slide your thumb and forefingers into the pockets and let the Momentum Maker guide you toward your next move.

The fortune teller breaks through one of the major obstacles I have to figuring things out. It gives me clear questions to ask and jumpstarts the self-inquiry process.
— Leo, Acupuncturist

 The Momentum Maker brings more fun and lightness to decision making and helps peel back the layers of what's holding you back.

Grab your FREE Momentum Maker today. I’ll also add you to the list so you’re in the know about workshops and new tools.

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