Madeline Schwarz

Craft your Career


You Want More out of Your Career
& Your Creative Pursuits

You’re ready to make a jump and want to know it will be worth it because:

• Your career is at a standstill

• You’re uninspired by your current job

• You haven’t found where your talent fits in the world

I’ve been there and I wanted to scream every time someone told me, “just do whatever makes you happy.” If only it were that easy…

But imagine if there were a better way to narrow down the choices and make decisions.

That’s what you’ll discover in the one on one Craft Your Career program. You will get clear on your values and find out what really motivates you so you can stop procrastinating and move forward in your career.

You will rediscover your creative passion, that thing you loved doing when you were a kid, or the project you started before adult life sucked up all your energy.

This is for you if:

• You’re overwhelmed by possibilities and stuck in indecision

• Want a roadmap to balance your creative interests with your daily life

• You want to do more of the creative work you love – your book, your art, your business

Madeline is a great facilitator- she provided me with excellent tools and methods that got to the core of what had been stifling my ability to make good decisions and empowered me to build a foundation to evaluate and make better choices for myself. 
— Brian C

The Details


Together, we will work through the maybes, the what ifs, and the if-onlys so you can move past the fear and transform your career.

You will walk away with a new framework to make decisions and a tangible plan to move your creative dreams forward:

• (1) Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief. You will take an online assessment and 60-75 minute debrief that builds self awareness and helps pinpoint stress triggers so you can harness more creative energy

• (5) 1 hour private sessions to evaluate ideas, brainstorm, and build strategies to get past blocks

• Values exercise so you can get clear on what motivates you and have a guidepost for future career decisions

• Customized resources and weekly homework that reinforce learnings and keep you focused

• Email support so you can share wins, blocks, and questions between sessions

I was able to acknowledge hidden fears, reconsider my perspective, and create a new course of action.
— Leni K


Start by booking a curiosity call here. 

Since working with Madeline, I was invited to present my book, scheduled several speaking events, and got called back for multiple interviews.
— Joe Kutchera