The #1 thing to do before a presentation

When I worked at a design agency, one of my colleagues continually impressed me with her amazing presentation skills. She persuaded her audience without being pushy, she answered unexpected questions with grace, and she remained cool under pressure. She was a gifted presenter and she taught me an important lesson – She practiced.

She did a run through before client meetings. Every time.

The single most important thing you can do to improve your presentation skills is to PRACTICE.

This might seems obvious, yet it’s the thing we rarely leave time for. As creatives, we often spend all our time on the visuals, making the deck, etc., and we walk into meetings unprepared to talk about our work.

So how do you practice?

Try out new techniques and update your game with 7 Strategies to Ace Your Work Presentation. (Hint: Tip #3 practice in front of your dog)... And share this with your colleagues and friends who want to improve their speaking confidence.

Happy practicing and reach out if you need help getting started.

Madeline Schwarz