I work with companies and organizations like yours that are filled with talented creatives.

The only problem is your most talented designers and techy problem solvers aren’t so hot at explaining their ideas and influencing their business partners.

Together we take them from rambling and tongue-tied to persuasive and engaging so they can sell their ideas and demonstrate their expertise.

Below are sample workshops that teach your employees how to build their presence, create engaging presentations, and be seen as experts.


Stop Panicking and Start Speaking

Improve your team’s presentation and public speaking skills so they can clearly and concisely articulate the vision and demonstrate the value of their work. Your team will learn to:

  • Engage their audience and hold the room’s attention

  • Clearly and confidently talk about their work so they can be seen as experts

  • Grow confidence at the front of the room so they can own their projects and manage their clients

Public speaking training isn’t just for those who are terrified of talking to an audience. Madeline pushed me to keep my thoughts on the narrative arc of presenting. As a result of her training workshops and a quick followup, I revamped my introduction to include a story and people seem to love it.”
— Danielle Cooper, Senior Researcher
I hired Madeline to speak to the career networking group for women at The Princeton Club of New York. She was a natural, made everyone feel at ease, in a fun, interactive and educational environment! Her tips were memorable- I highly recommend her.
— Tecla Palli Sandler
Informative and enlightening. My students raved about how much they learned.
— Joel Ehrlich, Professor Fashion Institute of Technology
Madeline conducted her Speak with Impact workshop with our professional networking group, Six Degrees Society. Her presentation was not only informative, but interactive and fun! The group ranged in skill level when it came to public speaking, but we all walked away with insightful tips to help us improve!
— Ashley Salamanca, Event Planning & Program Specialist


Collaboration without communication is like design without constraints. It’s unfocused, confusing, and destined for disaster.

In this interactive workshop, your team will learn practical techniques to align their goals and leverage their strengths:

  • The # 1 skill that will get more ideas seen, heard and respected

  • 3 Strategies to start collaborative conversations so they can co-create with clients

  • Techniques to transform conflict Into creativity

I now have tactics to feel more comfortable speaking, both in my team and in client conversations.
— MKH, Graphic Designer
Hands on play with tips and tricks to manage difficult conversations.

Energy Leadership

Create leaders at every level and empower your team to lead their projects, manage their clients and make decisions. In this interactive workshop, your team will:

  • Identify strengths and stress triggers for team members

  • Discover what motivates them and the roadblocks that are draining them

  • Explore the Energy Leadership framework 

  • Utilize 7 levels of energy to build self awareness 

Opened my mind to new ways to think about what drives my day-to-day decision making.
— S. Feehan

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