I was terrified to have to present and get feedback, but Madeline made the whole thing really fun and as relaxing as possible.

I really feel like I have tactics to feel more comfortable speaking, both in my team and in client conversations.

– Mary Kate Henry, Graphic Designer

Madeline Schwarz

Coaching with Madeline is like coming back from a vacation- each time we speak, I feEl refreshed, relaxed, lighter and more optimistic. 

She’s patient and asks pointed questions which helped me focus and discover options that were there the whole time. 

She also helped me examine and modify my communication style so that I no longer apologize for my thoughts and words when speaking. As a result, I sound and feel more confident and am not afraid to put myself out there.

—    L. Kaplan

Clayton Beltran

The Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief was thought-provoking and opened my mind to new ways to think about what drives my day-to-day decision making...

A key takeaway for me was that our perceptions about ourselves and what happens in our lives are actually changeable and can shift.

— S Feehan

Clayton Beltran

I worked with Madeline Schwarz over a period of four months to redefine my career goals.

I came feeling discouraged about my current prospects. Through her series of exercises, I was able to improve my energy and approach to finding work. This included defining my life goals, vision statement, core values, writing a timeline for my objectives, as well as following recommended journaling exercises. 
I started by taking the “Energy Leadership Index” assessment so as to measure my current energy and the way I react to stress/feedback. This all proved exceptionally worthwhile in that I now start every day with greater energy and enthusiasm and am more excited about job hunting.

Since working with Madeline, I was invited to present my book, scheduled several speaking events, and got called back for multiple interviews. Thank you Madeline!

— Joe Kutchera, Marketing Advisor and Author

Clayton Beltran