You need a signature talk that establishes your credibility.

And a pitch deck or work presentation that doesn’t make your clients’ eyes glaze over.

Learn how to package your ideas clearly and concisely so you don’t get tongue-tied or stuck at the front of the room rambling.

Save weeks of procrastination and boatloads of anxiety when you stop cramming and start preparing.

Craft Your Talk provides a proven process to eliminate the overwhelm and create a compelling presentation that connects with your audience every time.

Simplify the writing process, stop second-guessing yourself, and articulate your ideas so you can be the expert.

Together, we will:

  1. Develop a clear message so you know what you want to accomplish (and your audience does too)

  2. Use proven techniques to engage your audience so you stop talking AT people and truly connect

  3. Map out your content so you feel confident with how to spend your time and never have to read off a boring slide deck again

  4. Practice so you have built in accountability (and guaranteed feedback) on the #1 thing that will improve your presentation


  • (3) private 60-minute virtual coaching sessions to review your content, answer your questions and PRACTICE

  • A tool to create your presentation in bite size chunks over the course of a week

  • Expert guidance and individualized attention so you know how to deliver a clear and compelling presentation that connects with your audience every time

  • Individualized practice plan to increase your presence and amplify your practice time so you can nail your delivery


By combining a designer’s sensibility with a project manager’s sense of process, you get a clear path forward to create presentations that are fun, engaging and memorable.

Craft Your Talk takes you from spinning your wheels and sinking in quicksand to wowing your clients and convincing your teammates.

You will get full support to turn your idea into a compelling presentation so you can share your story, highlight your work, and establish your credibility.

If you’ve been desperately seeking the magical formula to deliver presentations that aren’t dull or robotic, sign up for Craft Your Talk today.

Investment: starting at $850


Ready to take the next step? Book a curiosity call and we’ll go over the details.

Madeline helped me think about my presentation in a totally new way... I’ve attended many presentation skills workshops in the past, but my session with Madeline was so much more valuable than anything I had tried before. I highly recommend working with Madeline!
— Mahveen Mohiuddin, Director US Risk Management, LVMH