Presentation Help at Your Fingertips

This is for you if your presentation is written, or in progress, but you’re not sure how to tie it all together and make it compelling.

Together, we will:

  • Set your objective so you know what you want to accomplish (and your audience does too)

  • Develop a clear message that will make your audience pay attention

  • Map out your content so you’re sure to hit the most important points


  • 75-minute planning session

  • Step by step action plan to practice on your own

You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to structure your content so your message is clear.

Investment: $250

Madeline really helped me to think about my presentation in a totally new way. She worked with me to organize the content and format in a more meaningful and impactful way. I’ve attended many presentation skills workshops in the past, but my session with Madeline was so much more valuable than anything I had tried before.
— Mahveen Mohiuddin, LVMH