"I've come to embrace the power of the podium. For me this involves taking specific steps, including treating every speech as a creative project... I also speak on topics that matter to me deeply, and have found that I feel much more centered when I truly care about my subject."  Susan Cain, Quiet

Talking about things we don’t care about is difficult for introverts.

You don't have to choose your creative pursuits or your career. 

Before I started this business I spent one long summer soul searching. I had been a seeker for a long time, looking for more meaning, trying to figure out where my skills and my passion intersected in this world. I was working with a coach myself and then before I could walk away from my job, my job walked away from me. Getting laid off is a little tumultuous even when you ask for it, but it’s also liberating.

Madeline Schwarz