You have your idea fleshed out but you need help making it stand out.

Simplify the process of creating your presentation and build in more audience engagement with the Polish & Pop: Presentation Power Hour.

Whether you're giving a conference talk, or a business presentation, don’t get stuck at the front of the room reading a boring slide deck.

Polish & Pop: Presentation Power Hour is for you if:

  • You’ve got a great idea but it’s just not coming together

  • Your presentation is almost finished and has been for weeks

  • You tired of looking at an audience that isn’t paying attention

It’s time to make your presentation memorable!

You’re ready to:

  • Be the creative expert in the room

  • Give a presentation that isn’t dull or robotic

  • Connect with your audience

  • Stop rambling and stay on point, even when you’re nervous

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up using the link below

  2. You’ll receive the 1-week Guide to Crafting Your Presentation.

    This easy to follow 10-page guide walks you through creating your presentation in 30 minutes a day (in 1 week)!

  3. Use the guide to define your point of view, outline your ideas and craft your presentation, all in 30 minutes a day

  4. Once you have a solid first draft, we’ll meet for a virtual power hour to tackle your biggest roadblocks, make sure you’re comfortable with your content and identify your next steps. We’ll make sure the structure and content support your goal and connect with your audience so you’re not standing at the front of the room talking at people.

As a result of Polish & Pop, you’ll be confident and ready to rock your presentation.

Madeline helped me think about my presentation in a totally new way... I’ve attended many presentation skills workshops in the past, but my session with Madeline was so much more valuable than anything I had tried before. I highly recommend working with Madeline!
Polish & Pop: Presentation Power Hour
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Clear step by step instructions on how to get unstuck when writing a presentation. I highly recommend the guide to improve speaking engagements and prospecting! It’s amazing what a difference it is to have a clear plan with practical steps. There is no longer any reason to feel overwhelmed when giving a speech.
— Carla H, Health Coach